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Shall I hire Claimo’s service to help run my junk insurance claim?

You may be considering using Claimo’s claims management service to get a refund on your junk insurance. Before you decide to sign up, we thought we’d share this article to help you understand the process.

Having a junk insurance claim can be daunting, policies can be complex and full of jargon, and it can feel like the insurer is giving you the run around. There are free services such as Financial Counsellors Australia but not everyone can get free help to run their claim from start to finish, so it could be a great idea to use Claimo to help you navigate the claims maze for you.  Ever heard the term, “you get what you pay for?”



  • Claimo does not charge for any unsuccessful claim, so our service is ‘no win, no fee’. This is our guarantee for you.
  • We have over 10 years industry experience working with junk insurance!
  • We’ll always tell you upfront that our service cost of 20% plus GST for any amount settled
  • Claimo always pay you first then invoice after. Other providers pay themselves out of your refund because they do not trust their customers!
  • Claimo can help calculate your fee based on your scenario so you have an idea of expected costs
  • You will obtain a copy of our contract before you begin so you can read the terms before signing up



  • Usually, refunds are applied to open loans, and you will still have to pay the Claimo fee.
  • Claimo do not provide legal advice so consider whether this service is right for you


Claimo helped Australians claim $1M+ junk insurance refunds in 2020. We love helping Australians fight for what they deserve. Leave an enquiry now to speak to one of our claims specialists for an obligation free chat.

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