Channel 9 features Claimo!

Claimo was recently featured on Channel 9 News across Australian televisions! 

Channel 9 report the way junk insurance had been sold to millions of Australian’s and featured some of Claimo’s success stories, including Susan Peterson, a business support officer from Queensland. Claimo helped Susan get back $43,000 for junk insurance paid on her car loan, credit card and mortgage. Claimo claimed back premiums and interest on Susan’s policies.

You can read the article on 9News or watch the video below. 

Like Susan, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds for junk insurance sold to you on a home loan, personal loan, car loan, credit card or novated lease. 

Junk insurance is add-on insurance attached to loans and credit cards. The Banking Royal Commission, along with ASIC investigations found that around $3.55 billion is owed in refunds to millions of Australian consumers. 

Claimo’s CEO, Nathan Mortlock said that “most people have no idea they have been charged.” 

Claimo can check if you’ve been charged and establish your claim. 

Get you FREE claim check here.

YouTube video

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