How does the Claimo process work?

Claimo is claims management business which operates on a no win no fee basis. We charge 30% plus GST for any successful refunds and do not charge if your claim is unsuccessful or we do not find any missing dollars.

Do we need to know all our loan details or dates?

No – Claimo can help do all that for you by taking the hassle and stress out the equation. All you need to know is the name of the loan or credit card provider. Easy!

How far back can we go?

No strict time limits.

Approximately, how long does the process take?

The process can take on average 4-16 weeks depending on the bank or the complexity of the claim.

Claimo has years of experience in junk insurance refunds

Claimo has helped Aussies claim Millions in junk insurance refunds. We have over 40 years’ experience in the financial services industry and professional services and have an excellent success record.

Get Your Free Junk Insurance Check

Complete our free Junk Insurance Check to find out whether Claimo can assist with getting a refund claim against your bank or insurer. You’ll find letting our team handle it for you will ensure less hassle and more money back for you. We also have a No Win, No Fee policy.

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