MTA Insurance Refund

If you have had a car loan you may have paid add-on insurance to MTA insurance.

What is MTA Insurance?

MTA Insurance (MTAI) was introduced across Australia as a retail motor insurance product commonly referred to as “add on insurance” sold through car dealerships.

It included the following insurance products:

  • Equity Plus Insurance
  • Loan Protection Insurance

Over the last few years, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) flagged these dodgy add on insurances. There were a number of important issues with the unfair sale of add-on insurance through motor dealers across Australia. This type of add on insurance is now no longer available within dealerships across Australia. 

Currently, there are two class actions involving junk insurance purchased via dealerships. In November 2019, the Maurice Blackburn law firm filed a class action against Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. 

Suncorp acquired MTAI in 2014. Suncorp-owned MTA Insurance will now be obligated to refund policy holders with guaranteed asset protection cover (GAP) who are eligible. 

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Is a Class Action Worth It?

As part of MTAI’s internal review with the ASIC it was found that their customers who received the gap insurance may not have received the expected outcome and value.

This included customers who were sold Equity Plus Insurance policy with D cover or whose loan was paid out earlier than expected.We identified many relevant customers who fit under this model, and have helped to refund very substantial individual refunds (as a result they have opted out of the class action to receive a better refund with Claimo).

Please note: once an individual joins a class action, they forfeit the right to recover compensation as an individual if they’re unsatisfied with the outcome. This is where Claimo’s team of insurance refund specialists can help..

Claimo’s approach with this class action is to manage your claim individually, getting you the best return possible. Entering into the Class Action means you won’t have as much control over the amount you receive back. Claimo will work with you to receive the highest possible settlement. Let us help manage the entire process for you and even help you obtain your paperwork for free.

Who Is Eligible for the Refund?

You may be eligible for the MTA insurance refund if:

  • You purchased or leased a car in a dealership in Australia between 1st May 2006 and 30th June 2018.
  • You purchased or leased a car with a loan provided by a dealership in Australia between 1st May 2006 and 30th June 2018.
  • Along with buying or leasing a new vehicle, you’ve also bought any of the add-on policies issued by MTA Insurance. These include Tyre and Rim Insurance, Commercial Credit Insurance (CCI,) GAP Insurance, Cash Benefit Insurance, and Extended Car Warranty Insurance.

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Australia’s Opt-Out Model

The opt-out model applies to class actions in Australia. Under the precedence, all persons affected automatically become members of the relevant class action. Members will be legally bound by the settlement or court’s decision unless they had previously opted out of the proceedings. Group members will have no comment on settlement offers, settlement sum amounts and how much is shared with all other group members and waiver of rights to ever complain directly.

On the contrary to opt out, If you also do not opt in you are not likely to receive part of any group settlement sum. This continues to be a problem, by not receiving a notice then fails to inform recipients that they are members of the class action.

How Do You Opt Out?

If you do not want to take part in this class action, you have to opt out before the stipulated deadline. Anyone who does not want to participate in the class action would have had to complete their opt-out form and mail it to the relevant Federal or Supreme Court by that date. This is also something that we can help you with.

If you had opted out, you’ve removed yourself from this class action. As a result, the outcome of the case will not affect you. You will be free to file your own claim with Claimo and therefore entitled to more compensation.

DISCLAIMER: This article does not provide legal or financial advice. Any information in this article is designed to provide information to consumers who want to learn more about class actions. All information is general in nature. Claimo is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly, by use of this service.  Consider whether the service is right for you. If you are unsure, seek independent legal advice.