How to Get My Refund

If you have been mis-sold junk insurance you may be eligible for a refund.

How to: Get My Refund

Did you know millions of Aussies have been sold worthless add-on insurance policies that they didn’t even know about?

You may have been sold junk insurance and could be eligible for thousands in refunds. Claimo has helped Australians claim more than $10million in refunds since we started. 

Claimo has been helping Australians get their junk insurance refunds on their loans, credit cards and mortgages for years. To find out more about who we’ve helped, watch our appearance on Ch9 NEWS. Or read all about it here. 

Many misrepresent themselves or settle within a class action for a smaller pay out, rather than individually filing with a specialised refund team like Claimo.

Obtaining a refund from a class actions starts first by checking if you’re apart of a current class action. 

You can easily fill in our claim check form below, it only takes a few minutes. 

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Claimo offers a service to help check your documents or request relevant paperwork for free.

Can Claimo Get My Refund?

If you’ve ever taken out a loan or credit card, you may have been sold add-on (or junk) insurance.

 Add-on insurance is insurance that is attached to your finance and is often called loan protection insurance, mortgage protection insurance, credit card insurance, GAP insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance.

If my claim is successful, how do I get my refund?

When a claim is successful, the financial firm will request your details to make a payment. Claimo work on a no win no fee bases and charge 30% plus GST on any amount settled.

Why Use Claimo To Get My Refund?

We know that it can be intimidating making a claim against your financial firm and we take the stress out of the process. Claimo are experts in add-on insurance and know all the reasons why you should get your money back for junk insurance. You do not need to worry about dealing with the finance company. Claimo will manage the whole process for you and give you regular updates. Our team are friendly and based in Melbourne, Australia. We’re real people!

How does Claimo get my refund?

The first stage of the process would be to check your loan or credit card documentation. Don’t worry if you no longer have your documents, Claimo will request these for you!

We will send an information request to your banks and financial institutions to see if you have been charged for add-on or junk insurance.

If you have been charged for junk insurance, one of Claimo’s claims specialists will give you a call to discuss your eligibility. When financial firms confirm that you have not been charged for the insurance, we will close that part of your enquiry. We don’t charge if you do not have insurance.

Claimo will then submit a claim on your behalf and manage the process for you from start to finish. On average, the claims process can take around 12 weeks once your claim has been submitted.

Our claims managers will give you regular updates as they come.

DISCLAIMER: This article does not provide legal or financial advice. Any information in this article is designed to provide information to consumers who want to learn more about class actions. All information is general in nature. Claimo is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly, by use of this service.  Consider whether the service is right for you. If you are unsure, seek independent legal advice.