Swann Insurance Class Action & Refund Information

The Swann Insurance Class Action over its sale of “add-on” insurance has settled and members will receive around $90,147 million. Insurance Australia Group estimated the class action could have been worth up to $1 billion meaning members may receive less than 10 cents in the dollar.

You may be part of the Swann Insurance Class Action if you were sold “add-on” insurance policies by Swann Insurance between 1 January 2008 and 1 August 2017. 


Has the settlement been approved by the Court?

Yes, the Court approved the settlement on 17 December 2020.

More details about the settlement are set out in the Settlement Notice. For further information, including any possible entitlements you must contact Johnson Winter & Slattery.

Opting Out

Although the time to opt out has expired, we have had successful applicants who opted out after the deadline because they did not receive the notice. Therefore, you may still be able to opt out.

We are not a legal service and not qualified to give advice on whether you wish to remain in the Class Action or request to be opted out. Therefore, you should seek legal advice if you are unsure.

If you wish to opt-out of the Class Action, you will need to complete the Opt Out notice and send it to the following address:

The Registrar Federal Court of Australia

New South Wales District Registry

Level 17, Law Courts Building

184 Phillip St Queens Square

Sydney NSW 2000

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