Why has my insurance denied my junk insurance refund?

There are many reasons why a claim may have been denied but here are some of the common issues we see when people are denied their insurance refund:

1. The reasons for claiming have not been clearly expressed 

Often people claiming junk insurance refunds do not fully understand their reasons for getting a refund. This can can damage their chances of claiming so it is important to understand the reasons for doing so.  

2. The junk insurance refund has been sent to the wrong company

Often people claiming themselves refer junk insurance refunds to the wrong bank or insurance company depending on the commercial agreement between the firms. Sometimes this can complicate things meaning it can be sent the wrong firm to investigate. If you are not confident dealing with financial firms and get frustrated being passed from pillar to post, it may become too stressful or time-consuming.

3. The bank or insurer has not investigated the claim properly

It is very frustrating, but some problematic financial firms fail to investigate junk insurance claims properly. This can cause confusion to people who are not well-versed in the financial terminology or reasons for claiming which can mean they simply “give-up” because it becomes too hard or stressful.

4. The bank or insurer refuses to investigate because they are involved in a junk insurance class action 

Depending on the class action, you may still be entitled to opt out from the law firm dealing with the class action, If you opt out, it means you can pursue it through Claimo or yourself via the financial firms dispute resolution channel. If you decide to opt-out, you will need to complete an opt out form and send it to the Supreme or Federal Court who is dealing with the class action.

3. Is the decision on a junk insurance refund final?

The good news is your insurer’s decision is not the final say on the matter as you may be able to request an internal review of your case.

4. My insurer is still denying my junk insurance refund after a review.

Contact Claimo. While we cannot make representations about your junk insurance refund, we will do everything within our power to get you a successful refund to maintain our extremely high success record. We may ask you to supply some additional information if you are looking for a different decision.

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